As the world comes to a sudden pause, we wonder when and if it will all go back to normal. In the meantime, we must learn to survive within the new normal keeping ourselves healthy for when that day comes.
Today we are going to talk about how you can better yourself in training as well as in school, to reach the perfect equilibrium in all your activities.
Dear Daughter, I don’t know if tomorrow you will decide to lead through a different path, but for now I want to tell you that I will be by your side through whatever hoops you jump through, as well as in every competition you compete in. I will support you with all my strength, I will laugh and surely cry when I see what you do is perfect, when you receive your medals and trophies, my soul will be full of happiness for what you’ve achieved.
There are various things that you can do with your best friend; go shopping, dining, enjoying a movie together, traveling, etc. However, have you thought about working up a sweat and training with your friend? If not, perhaps it is time to try something new and exciting. Surely enough both of you have a favorite sport or activity that could bring you even closer. When training together, you can motivate each other, have more strength, willingness
In spite of last year using the colors pink in all its glory, accompanied all year by a very dramatic and reflective purple that has been seen in all its shades. Ranging from fluorescent, to clear and pastels.
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