Appreciation Letter From a Gymnast
This year is ending and I only have things to thank and unforgettable moments that are reproduced in my memory as one of the most special chapters of my life.
48th Artistic Gymnastic Championships Doha 2018
Our team USA shined like no other in their representation at the World Championship of Artistic Gymnastics in Doha, Qatar that was being held between the dates October 25 and November 3. Simone Bile, Samuel Mikulak, Morgan Hurd, yul Moldauer, Riley McCusker, Akash Modi, Kara Eaker, Alec Yoder, Grace McCallum, Colin Van Wicklen, Ragan Smith and Allan Bower were the names that made us fill our hearts with much pride and happiness when being called
Sportswear keeps innovating
When speaking of sportswear, we are found with new ideas, processes, styles and technology that has redefined the way we dress when doing sports. For this reason, while creating each and every one of our garments, we take care of each detail, as well as updating each day to deliver our customers the best products with the best materials.
USA Gymnastics 2018-2019 U.S. Women’s National Team
The excitement has come to the world of gymnastics; finally, we have the names of our US women's team that will be the protagonists of the great championships coming at the end of the year in 2019. After the completion of the women’s competition of the United States Gymnastics Championship that was held in Boston, we have our selections ready:
Gymnasts that marked history
Gymnastics is a unique sport that combines discipline, strength, elegance, concentration, elasticity and pressure. It has been practiced for centuries since the Greek and Roman coliseums where it was believed that only with the practice of gymnastics would we be able to dominate our body and mind equally
Simone Biles, the New Star of Gymnastics
At a height of 4’8” and weight of 104 lbs, she is a giant amongst the greatest stars of gymnastics today. Simone Biles is still today, the best exponent of this sport before and after her presentation in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Especially in her return to Boston this year,
The Arrival of Bold&Grit Spirit Animal
We have created a collection inspired by everything you inspire. We have combined the power of your favorite animals and what they represent: passion, bravery, delicacy and fun. Our leotards are designed in polyamide as well as spandex, materials high in quality that will achieve a perfect fit on your body making you feel safe and comfortable. At the same time, Bi-Stretch technology has been integrated to allow horizontal and vertical elongati
We dress for the 4th of July
In the summer you become the center of all attention as you shine with your own light using our limited collection of the 4th of July. We are proud to carry on our skin the colors and symbols of our country.
Enjoy the summer while taking care of your health
With the summers arrival, comes the best plans of the year: going for a swim, bike riding all day, going to the beach, playing in the park non-stop, playing basketball, hide and seek, doing walks outside of the city, horse riding or even going to a camp.
The Role of a Mother in Sport
When becoming a mother, you face thousands of doubts and as your children grow and the times change, the challenges you face begin to evolve. You ask yourself questions like: “How do I discipline them when everything becomes easy?” “How can I make them healthy people with so much fast food available?” “How do I disconnect them in an increasingly technological world?”
Pacific RIM
Competitions are the most emotional and inspirational moments for an athlete.
Nutrition for Young Athletes
“Energetic and full of life.” Words that describe a young athlete, but the question is, “how can we conserve so much energy for training, studies and spending time with friends?”
Feminine Empowerment in Sport
Prohibition, censorship and empowerment of the female gender. Through this, the history of sports fashion and the participation of women is summarized.