Our Name

We want to share a story with you, our story:
We dream that you, as an athlete, become a part of Bold & Grit and allow us to be a part of your story. To be a part of your happiest moments, taking you by the hand to reach your biggest dreams. Then together we build our own story.

In Bold, we display your ability to take risks, strength and courage.

In Grit, your perseverance and passion is shown towards long-term goals.

We connect '&' into our brand, to demonstrate your summation. As well as converting it into our image in each garment.

Finally, our name "Bold&Grit" has the essence of what it means to be an athlete; it contains all your qualities and abilities. We want to be your companion in your training along with competitions. We want to become the first thing you think of when packing gear. That in each item, you see what inspires you to improve yourself substantially day by day.

We can see the strength in your eyes
We can see the fantasy in your eyes
We can see the hope in your eyes
We can see the passion in your eyes
We can see the happiness in your eyes

With Bold & Grit, three characters were born. Each of them with their own personality.

They are:

Bright, a happy, brave and active young girl. She has a lot of flexibility and discipline for sports.

Sara, a funny, confident and determined young girl. She loves music and sports.

Grace, a kind, courageous and persistent young girl. She loves gymnastics, dance and ballet.

With which of them do you identify with?
Each and every one of our fabrics have been carefully selected in order to give a unique aesthetic beauty, comfort and flexibility, for liberty in movement.
Continental Sec: Polyamide 83%, Spandex 6%, Sport Sec and bi-strech
Valiana Mesh: Polyamide 94%, Spandex 6%. (extra soft).
Amorela: Polyester 89%, Spandex 11%
Yael: Polyamide 78%, Spandex 22%

This process allows us to add our best selection of fabrics to make our decorative stamping more creative and one of a kind. So that you may choose what design fits in best with your personality and style. We create unique designs with the best materials and great effort to show what you really are; a successful young woman.

The moment has arrived, to go out and tell the world that you are a capable athlete. Say it with Bold & Grit.

Write to us at info@boldandfrit.com, and share with us what other products you wish to see in our catalog.