Stay safe and stylish at the same time with the Protective Camouflaged Gray Hoodie. This super versatile piece can be worn many ways. It’s a face mask, scarf, and hoodie, all wrapped into one fashionable package. This innovative hoodie is perfect for protecting you while you live your active lifestyle.

This camo hoodie includes an adjustable elastic drawstring so that you can adapt it to fit you perfectly. It was made with an antibacterial fabric that also has built-in sun protection. It works wonderfully as a face mask — with the added bonus that you can wash it and reuse it over and over. Save money while you save the environment with the reusable face covering included in this multi-purpose hoodie.

  • This fresh and feminine camo print has a casual vibe and will mix nicely with other athletic gear or casualwear. It’s covered in a puzzle-like camouflage pattern that consists of interlocking shapes in various shades of grey. It includes the Bold&Grit logo at the bottom to show off your beautifully bold style.

    If you’ve got a busy day and want to have a layer of protection conveniently ready to use, this camo hoodie with its built-in face mask is for you. Its fluid resistant exterior protects you from droplets or accidental splashes. Meanwhile, the antibacterial interior provides a layer for filtration and protection.

    This multipurpose camo hoodie was designed to be optimally comfortable and fully functional.  You can wear it with the face mask to protect yourself from particles in the air, like pollution or droplets containing viruses or bacteria. You can lower the facemask and wear it as a stylish scarf or as a hood to keep you dry on damp or rainy days. 

    Protect yourself with the Protective Camouflage Gray Hoodie from Bold&Grit.

    Note: This face covering is not specialized medical protection and is not FDA approved.