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Grit - Friendly Dog Crossover Mesh Back Leotard
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“There is nothing truer in this world than the love of a good dog.” - Mira Grant

If you’ve been looking for dog themed leotards, look no further! 

This Grit - Friendly Dog Crossover Mesh Back Leotard is a girl’s best friend. 

Friendly Dog Crossover Mesh Back Leotard Details:

  • Main: Continental Sec, Polyamide 83% and Spandex 17%
  • Back: Valiana extra-soft mesh, Polyamide 94%, and Spandex 6%
  • Sweet poochie prints made with a sublimation per unit printing process
  • Bi-stretch fabric for increased comfort and mobility
  • Sec Sport cooling tech for all-day freshness

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He is ready to play and tumble with you all day long. His colors stay true thanks to our sublimation per unit printing process, and he can wriggle his way in and out of any situation with bi-strech fabric.

Give him a stroke and see how soft he is. He will help you feel comfortable at even the longest gymnastics practice. This little pup wants you feeling fresh too. Even if he enjoys panting, that doesn’t mean you need to! He’s got you covered with Sec Sport cooling technology. 

Good dog! 

Look at those sad puppy-dog eyes. How could you resist taking him home!?

Grit - Friendly Dog
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