December 28, 2020 2 min read

Nowadays, sports has gone from being a fashion to a way of life. More and more people take care of themselves and see it as a way of living better in harmony with body and being. This trend has changed the perspective and the proposals in sports fashion is increasing.

When going out to exercise, you should use the right elements for the sport that is practiced. In the same way you should also consider what clothes to wear. The functionality, comfort and durability are factors that must be taken into account when choosing what to wear so that the development of routines is much more comfortable in the discipline that is done. It is not the same as running outdoors, playing tennis, doing yoga or riding a bicycle. For this, you mustchoose garments with different characteristics in the fibers and use of technological elements that have been developed nowadays in this field.


Aspects to have in mind

  • Comfort is the most important factor because it allows you to feel light and not overloaded with weight that is not needed. Choose the necessary elements needed that adapt to the body shape and avoid any friction with the skin that may bother, resulting in the lack of total concentration in an activity. This way you can enjoy exercises longer and avoid drastic changes in body temperature. If you choose the right fabrics it will be guaranteed a much better performance.
  • Depending on the sport that is practiced, you can wear wide, tight or elastic clothing. Simply look at the activity you are about to partake in and decide what is best fit to wear. For example, leggings are used in most activities, allowing flexibility, greater mobility and comfort which is usually paired with a top or shirt.
  • In the moment of choosing a fabric we would have to look at one that allows a total handling of perspiration, for example nylon or polyester are fibers that allow this functionality because when there is high transpiration it allows a quick drying, both of the moisture coming from the outside and the inside.
  • If sports activities are done outdoors or in the open air, multiple factors such as rain, humidity and temperature should be taken into account. For that, it is best to look at fabrics with waterproof properties when it is rainy, fabrics that have the ability to isolate the cold in the winter or at low temperatures but at the same time are easy to carry and breathable.
  • For a certain number of people, aesthetics is not as relevant but nowadays you can see them well while doing sports. There is a great offer in terms of colors and design of sportswear, there is a vast collection to choose from. It even depends on the time of day that one goes out to practice because they might propose to have fluorescent or clear colors and with built-in reflectors that can help with your safety. Keep in mind the above tips are made to further develop your physical activities in a safe, comfortable and fashionable way. Also, remember that in Bold and Grit we have different types of clothes so you can feel very comfortable when doing any physical activity.

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