Bold&Grit Gymnastics Leotards

Even before you put on a Bold & Grit Girl’s Leotard; you exude and possess the necessary movement elements to succeed. Our invitation to you is to embody the characters and graphics you love and the colors that inspire you. Try on one of our expressive suits…. become a butterfly, a flower or a star! Let us help you create a world of expressive wonder, bring your talents front-row-and-center. Be the best on the bars, sophisticated on the mat, and stylish on the rings. Just as you want precision in your mat routines, we offer precision in the leotards we make.

Comfortable Leotards

Comfort means more than the types of fabrics we use, it means the makes and themes we create are in service to all your adventures in life and gymnastics! Now, you’re at a fever pitch, where strength, flexibility and confidence /matter/reign supreme/are yours! You’ve got this! Also, our leotards have an additional positive attribute: they are talking points. A successful gymnast is also an accomplished team player and also an intelligent conversationalist. We make sure you have the confidence to be well rounded in everything you do. So make surprise an important part of your gymnastic journey, Bold&Grit wants to join in all your possibilities.