Military Flag USA Gymnastics Leotard

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Atten-HUT! We’re calling all eyes to you in the Military Flag USA Gymnastics Leotard from Bold&Grit. With a camo-print inspired background and the American flag displayed proudly in the forefront, you’ll look every bit as bold and strong as you are.

  • The Military Flag USA Gymnastics Leotard doesn’t mess around. This little leo is made from fabric so durable it can handle your hardest workouts, and so stretchy that it will feel like a breeze to execute your every movement.

    “It’s about an ideal, and that ideal is freedom for everybody.” — Oprah Winfrey

    There’s freedom on the mat. Freedom to be yourself. At Bold&Grit, we love supporting young athletes to shine and be the boldest version of themselves.

    Shine freely on the mat with the USA Military Flag leotard. Share your values — discipline, hardwork, and honor, with your teammates, your coaches, and the crowd. Wear your love for the USA proudly with a unique flag leotard.

    Move with Freedom

    The Military Flag USA Gymnastics Leotard represents the freedom our troops protect every day. Show your support in each move you make on the mat.

    Life is movement for a gymnast. That’s why we make sure our leotards allow you to move freely and comfortably. With bistretch fabric designed for optimal comfort, your American Flag leotard will move with you as you glide, tumble, and jump.

    Giving your best performance and capturing the audience’s attention with athleticism requires discipline. Fortunately, as a gymnast you were born for this. Day in and day out, you give your all on the mat. And you deserve clothes that give their all too.

    Our collection of Flag Leotards including the Military Flag USA Gymnastics Leo are designed with withstand your active lifestyle. We only use high-quality fabrics that are durable enough to hold up in your intense gymnastics schedule. Plus, you can wash your Military Flag leo over and over. It won’t fade — thanks to the sublimation-per-unit printing process we use for all of our leotards and activewear. Your camo will stay looking sharp, even after the wash.

    Get ready to conquer the mat with a quality, comfortable gymnastics leotard. 

    Military Flag USA Gymnastics Leotard Characteristics

    1. Designed withcomfort andsafety in mind. 
    2. Made with a specially balanced combination of materials (Polyamide 83% and Spandex 17%) to ensure it will provide a high level ofelasticity, making it more resistant, and moredurable.
    3. HasCooling Technology to help you keep fresh.
    4. Has a protective shield (Continental sec) providing optimal durability, protection, and a high degree of resistance.
    5. Soft coating and well-knitted materials to avoid any discomfort. The special mesh back is made with extra-soft Valiana mesh.
    6. Wrinkle resistant materialthat’s super easy to store and transport.

    Comfort is Key: Performance Attributes for Textiles and Fabrics

    When you try out your Military Flag USA Gymnastics Leotard, you will experience the difference that a high-quality sports fabric can have on performance. Plus, meaningful and stylish designs can add a boost of confidence to your routine.

    Choosing the best leotard means thinking seriously about your comfort. We take every aspect into account. From how wide of a range of motion the fabric allows to how the fabric feels on skin. The perfect leotard is one that is made from materials that are breathable, stay cool, and give an ideal balance of security and flexibility. At every step in the design process, we think about how you move as a gymnast and what you need from your leotard. We take the details of design seriously, so you can enjoy a leotard that feels great to wear. 

    The qualities of the fabrics you choose to wear on the mat can have an impact on how you’re moving and feeling during practice and performances. It’s best to choose leotards made from materials that are specifically made for athletes for maximum performance. If you’re on the lookout for the comfiest leo (that still looks amazing), then you’ll love all that the Military Flag Leo has to offer.

    • Temperature to touch

    • If a particular fabric feels cool to the touch, it’s a performance attribute. No one wants to feel overheated on the mat. It’s uncomfortable and can quickly become a huge distraction. And of course, overheating is harmful to the body.
    • Stay cool — Our Military Flag USA Gymnastics Leotards are made with cool touch tech that keeps the fabric extra cool by transferring heat away from the surface and keeping your skin feeling fresh.
    • Having heat transferred away = less sweat, more comfort. You’ll love how it feels to have a leotard that stays cool - even when you’re burning it up on the mat!
    • This cooling effect to touch was designed to refresh on the hottest days and for your most intense moves.

    • Elasticity

    • The Military Flag USA Leotard was designed for the comfort of gymnasts. And what could be more important to a gymnast than elasticity?
    • Don’t let your flexibility be held back by uncomfortable, rigid leotards. 
    • We get how important movement is in a leotard. That’s why we include the perfect amount of Spandex to give you security and flexibility.
    • Bistretch fabric moves in multiple ways — just like you. Get fabric that elongates both horizontally and vertically, so your movements won’t be limited.

    • Texture & Smoothness 

    • Don’t let itchy leotards distract you from your moment. Pick a leo that’s soft and won’t irritate your skin.
    • The Military Flag USA Leotard are made with a soft fabric that’s smooth to the touch.

    • Ease of Care

    • In the busy life of a gymnast, time is vital. Don’t spend extra time caring for your leotard. Our Military Flag Leotard has wrinkle-resistant fabric that will look great — even if you just pulled it out of your gym bag.
    • Long-lasting colors after machine washing. Thanks to our sublimation per unit printing process, the colors of our leos stay bright and crisp. Both the dyes and the fabric are designed to be washable.

    • Beautiful Design

    • The cherry on top of this super comfy leotard? The spectacular design.
    • Balance comfort with style — this nuanced camo design frames elements of the American flags includes stars and stripes. With subtle camo-inpsired colors and a unique take on a patriotic look, this leo is truly dazzling.

    Military Flag USA Gymnastics Leotard Highlights

    • Comfortable, bistretch fabric
    • Wrinkle resistant and washable
    • Fade-resistant printing process
    • Allows for ease of movement
    • Soft, gentle fabric that won’t irritate skin
    • Supportive for gymnastics movements
    • Easy to store
    • Cooling tech to help you feel fresh
    • Ideal Spandex blend to stay in place securely
    • Moisture-control features
    • Easy to wash
    • Comes in a variety of sizes