Love leotard

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Show your love for this sport with the Love gymnastics leotard from Bold&Grit, filled with personality and style. Its red color says, "I came to shine!"

  • Just as love makes the world go round, at Bold&Grit, we created this garment to live with a lot of passion for gymnastics. Your daughter will want to wear it in all her training sessions because she will feel super secure and comfortable, thanks to the materials designed exclusively for gymnasts of all ages.

    The gymnastics leotard to feel love for this sport

    You can't talk about love without talking about the heart, that organ that makes us feel alive, the one that speaks when we're nervous, the one that shows that we are taking our body to the next level.

    To pay tribute to this symbol of love, the Bold&Grit design team decided to depict the outline of a white heart on the front of this leotard, which stands out immediately against the bright red fabric used throughout the garment.

    Love knows no boundaries! The back features a very original cutout that forms a triangle surrounded by the word "love" written in multiple languages, giving this one-piece suit a cosmopolitan touch. This back detail will undoubtedly be the center of attention during every movement on the mat.

    Red that lasts a long time

    This leotard will withstand as many turns in the washing machine as your daughter does on the mat.

    Having a leotard that receives many compliments for its design and beauty is of no use if it doesn't last. In this case, that won't be a concern. At Bold&Grit, we are professionals in our work and have spent many years perfecting our technique to produce resistant and durable gymnastics leotards.

    It won't fade, it won't come apart, it will withstand many washes. A sports garment must meet many requirements. To ensure this, all the clothing we produce is individually sublimated using our state-of-the-art printer. With this innovation, we guarantee that the red color of this leotard will last a long time, allowing your daughter to wear it non-stop during her training sessions.

    A partner in movement

    Sweating means movement, effort, life, but no one wants their sports clothing to look wet from sweat. To solve this, at Bold&Grit, we manufacture gymnastics leotards with specialized fabric that absorbs sweat in seconds.

    With this garment, the distress caused by sweat will evaporate.
    What won't evaporate is the level of acrobatics that can be performed with this leotard, thanks to the bi-stretch fabric it is made of:

    It stretches in four directions.
    It provides comfort and flexibility to perform any movement.
    It protects the intimate areas, providing security to avoid surprises.
    It has the necessary level of compression to keep everything in place.
    Love and comfort, together in a gymnastics leotard
    Secure, confident, capable of going beyond.

    That's how your daughter will feel when wearing the Love gymnastics leotard. This one-piece suit will be an inseparable companion, whether she is 5 or 12 years old, as it comes in a wide variety of sizes for all girls and teenagers.

    At these ages, when they start exploring and getting to know the world, it is important for girls to understand the value of doing things with love, dedication, and discipline. And this leotard is a constant reminder that love should be present in everything they do.

    Its innovative design, vibrant color, back opening, heart on the chest, all combine with the resistant and durable materials with which it is made to support the demanding movements of this exciting sport.

    Give your daughter the opportunity to see and feel empowered with this gymnastics