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    Life’s a breeze in the Pink Palms Long Sleeve Swimsuit from Bold&Grit. This fun swimsuit has a chilled-out vibe perfect for days spent at the beach or lounging next to the pool. With a beautiful tropical design and material made for comfort and mobility, this swimsuit is perfect for having fun in the sun. 

    The sleeves and back of the swimsuit feature a beautiful beach-inspired design with bright pink, teal, and light blue palm leaves overlapping over a deep sea blue background. The front includes a cute light pink zipper contrasting with the deep blue color of the front section. 

    You’ll want to wear this super comfy swimsuit for many fun-filled trips to the beach and sunny days spent by the pool. The good news is that you can! You can bliss out under the palm trees in paradise without worrying about the brilliant colors of your Pink Palms Swimsuit fading in the warm summer sun. We print our designs using a sublimation per unit process so that the stunning shades of the palm leaves on this long sleeve suit will stay brilliant after many trips to the beach.

    • The Pink Palms Longsleeve Swimsuit was made with Sec Sport cold touch technology. Sec Sport keeps you feeling fresh and comfortably cool even while you soak up the sun and lay out on the sand. If you plan to be waterside on a warm day, you can splash and play comfortably in this refreshing material.

      For extra added comfort, the inner lining was made with an incredibly soft fabric. The Pink Palms Swimsuit also has bi-stretch which allows it to stretch both horizontally and vertically. Get out there and swim with ease in this remarkably comfortable long sleeve swimsuit.

      Sunsets and palm trees were made to be enjoyed to the fullest. Have a blast at the beach in the Pink Palms Long Sleeve Swimsuit.