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    So that friends always feel connected with every jump and turn they make.

    The left side of this leotard has the word "Together" written on it, symbolizing unity, while on the right side of the complementing leotard, you'll find the word "Better," representing improvement. When friends wearing these garments are in their training or competitions, it will always read "Better Together."


      Light blue, purple, and pink are the predominant colors in this gymnastics leotard, representing friendship. This blend of shades gives a sense of serenity and confidence, reflecting the feelings that women experience when they are in the company of their friends.

      This leotard, which inspires camaraderie and teamwork, has a unique design on the back, where intersecting purple lines create a small arc that reveals a glimpse of skin, adding that subtle touch of elegance characteristic of gymnastics. Additionally, on one side, there is a white heart, symbolizing the love that is also present in friendship.

      Colors that endure like friendship

      Good friendships endure over time, just like the colors of this leotard. With advancements in technology in recent years, we have developed a sublimation technique that ensures this sports garment will last as long as true friendships.

      Indelible, that's how the letters on this leotard will be, so that the friends wearing it never forget the importance of teamwork in achieving better results. This garment is resistant to multiple wash cycles, allowing it to maintain its dazzling appearance over time.
      High-performance fabrics

      Its durability is hard to surpass. With years of experience in manufacturing sports apparel, at Bold&Grit, we have become experts in superior-quality leotards made from soft yet strong fabrics. These fabrics are elastic yet firm, providing the perfect combination of protection and flexibility that gymnasts need to shine in every acrobatic move.

      We have chosen a fabric that stretches in four directions, guaranteeing unrestricted and free movement. Nothing will hinder them from performing the jumps they train so hard for, especially when they are together.

      Always fresh, always fabulous. All Bold&Grit gymnastics leotards feature sport-sec technology, ensuring that any trace of sweat disappears within seconds to prevent stains and the uncomfortable feeling of dampness that can turn into a nightmare.

      Gymnastics leotards that promote teamwork

      You can go further when you walk the path together. With the "Better Together" leotard, we promote the value of teamwork, friendship, and trust, so that girls and teenagers can share their love for gymnastics with their friends and understand that life is more beautiful when we are in good company.