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    ★★★★★ (4)

    This BFF Leotard is designed for those best friends who love to spend quality time together on the mat. The BFF Leotard has a beautiful blue and pink watercolor design – with a heart featuring the word Besties on the front, and BFF printed on the back.

    • One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood. — Seneca

      This beautiful design for best friends will last and last thanks to our sublimation per unit printing process. So you and your besties can rock your BFF Leotards over and over.

      It’s so magical in life to find the people who just “get” us. If you’ve found a group of girl friends who love you for who you are, that’s something big to celebrate! The BFF Gymnastics Leotard is perfect for a close set of friends who want to celebrate their marvelous friendships.

      At Bold&Grit, we love to support young gymnasts as they make meaningful friendships on the mat. There’s something so special and heartwarming about finding friends who love gymnastics as much as you do! Share the joy of gymnastics and friendship with the BFF Leotard. Its fun, adorable design is sure to highlight the beauty of your friend circle.

      Better together

      The best things in life are shared. So share your love of gymnastics with your best buddies. The BFF Leotard has a gorgeous design that the whole group will love. Featuring a super cute heart on the front with the word “Besties” in a gorgeous, elegant cursive print. The whole leotard is covered with a cosmic, beautiful watercolor design. Swirls of bright pinks, blues, and purples mix together in a classic watercolor style. 

      The BFF leotard has a fun, racerback-style back. Printed vertically in the middle of the racerback are the letter’s BFF — so everyone will know that you and your girls are truly Best Friends Forever. 

      And not only does the BFF leotard offer an amazing design that all your bestie’s will absolutely love — it’s got everything you need to stay comfortable and fresh. With bi-stretch fabric to let you move freely, and Sport Sec tech to keep you cool, this leotard has it all. So you can jump, run, spin, and more. A leotard should support you fully, and never get in the way of your comfort.

      The BFF Leotard is designed to be durable and long-lasting — even for besties with super active lifestyles. We use the highest quality materials that are strong enough to withstand the intensity of your active lifestyle and intensive workouts. Each fabric blend is carefully crafted to provide a balance of comfort, style and security.

      Best of all, you can wash the BFF leotards without worrying about fading. Our sublimation-per-unit printing process ensure that colors will stay bright even after washing. So you and your best friends can wear your matching BFF leotards time and time again. And with quick-drying fabric, you won’t have to wait an eternity for your leotard to be ready to wear after washing.

      Together, you and your best pals will shine in your gorgeous matching gymnastics leotards for friends. This leotard has so many features that will make this leotard an instant favorite in your friend group, like:

      • Sport Sec technology to help you stay cool and fresh.
      • Spandex in the perfect proportion to provide high elasticity without too much compression.
      • Material that’s wrinkle resistant and easy to care for.
      • Long-lasting color. Sublimation-per-unit printing to ensure bright colors that won’t fade in the wash.
      • Fabric that stretches both horizontally and vertically for optimal comfort and flexibility.

      Max Comfort for you and your BFF’s

      What’s more fun than matching with your besties? Matching with your besties at gymnastics practice! When you and the gal pals are decked out in your matching BFF Leotards, you’re sure to have a blast. 

      Not only is the BFF leotard oh-so cute with its purple and pink watercolor design, it’s also carefully designed to be comfortable. So you and your friends can focus on your routines, without worrying about itchy, uncomfortable leotards.

      The BFF leotard provides a wide range of motion thanks to its bistretch fabric. The perfect amount of Spandex gives you stretch that also has the optimal amount of compression. This leotard was made to safely stay in place and not slip. 

      The BFF Leotard has so much to love, like its:

      • Special Fabric Features


      • Cooling technology to help you stay fresh. Ideal for warm environments or intense workouts.
      • Extra flexibility and a full range of movement thanks to the bistretch fabric that stretches vertically and horizontally.
      • Soft fabric that’s gentle on skin
      • Smooth, wrinkle resistant fabric
      • Long lasting colors — Sublimation per unit printing that will keep the watercolor design bright after washing

      • Unique Design Elements


      • Adorable, matching Best Friends Forever leotard that can be used for any size of friend group
      • Cute friendship-themed designs on both the front and back
      • Elegant heart design with cursive “besties” incorporated into the curve of the heart
      • Stunning watercolor design — vibrant, fun shades of pink, purple, and blue swirling together in the background in a watercolor-inspired style
      • BFF in a bold, outlined text printed horizontally on the back
      • Racerback style — for both comfort and cuteness. Racerback style gives you an even wider range of motion for all your big moves.


      The BFF Leotard is perfect for friend groups large or small. Any number of girls can join you in wearing matching BFF Leotards from Bold&Grit to your next practice or performance.

      Size: BFF Leotards come in a variety of sizes to fit you and your besties just right. Take a look at our measurement table to learn more about our sizes.

      Care: Washing machine safe. Our special printing process ensure colors stay bright after washing.

      Shipping: Your order will ship with UPS. Normally, orders are delivered within two days. Orders do not require a signature. If you want to add UPS Extra with required signature, an additional cost will apply. For more shipping options, check out our Shipping section.

      Share the love and joy of friendship with all your besties. The BFF Leotard is the cutest leotard for groups of 2+ besties who want to celebrate their friendship and love of gymnastics. You and your friends will feel so special and close wearing your matching leos. Plus, the audience is sure to be inspired by your lovely friendships. Now’s the time to show your friends how much you care and how special they are to you!