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     Whatever your goals are — we believe in you! You’re up to the task, so your clothes should be, too. 

    You’re a girl on the move — the Believe Hoodie was designed with you in mind. Whether you’re headed out for a game of beach volleyball, a gymnastics class or the tennis court, with your Believe Hoodie you’ll be cool and comfy all day long. This lightweight, short-sleeve hoodie moves along with you so that you can go, go, go!

    • The Believe Hoodie gives you plenty of room to be the flexible, graceful force of nature that you are. From warm up to cool down time, you’ll be able to move in all the amazing ways that you’ve been working hard to train your body to move. You’ll have the space you need to move around freely.
    • Wear the hood down for a casual look or pull it up over your gorgeous locks when you’re headed out into the sunshine. With its breathable, soft fabric, you’ll be super comfy and look casually chic either way.

      If the day starts to heat up — no worries, you’ll still be good to go. Heat is no match for the quick-drying polyester fabric that keeps you totally fresh as you energetically move through your activity-filled day. 

      Available in solid black or white with a small Bold&Grit logo on the front, this classic and cute hoodie is great for mixing and matching with your favorite athletic gear. You can pair it beautifully with comfy leggings like our Believe Cropped Leggings — made with the perfect balance of flexibility and compression.

      Believing in yourself is the first step to making all of your dreams come true. All dreams, no matter how big or small, require confidence. Remember to believe in yourself like we believe in you and you’ll be unstoppable!