Say goodbye to itchy, scratchy, miserably tight sports bras - and hello to the Believe Racerback Sports Bra by Bold&Grit. This black racerback sports bra is made from a super soft and elastic microfiber material for an extra comfortable fit.

 This sports bra will keep you comfortable all day too with its moisture-wicking and quick-drying capabilities. It’s not just about comfort either. No sports bra is successful without support, and the Believe Racerback Sports Bra provides just enough support to keep you secure without restricting your movement. 

  • For a little extra security, we’ve added a two inch jacquard elastic band to keep your sports bra in place through even the most intense activities.

    Speaking of intense, if you’re out in the heat, we’ve got you covered. Our sports bras come equipped with UV protection to boot, so you’re clear to practice the sports you love - no matter the weather.