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    “Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful. And believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.” — Misty Copeland.

    Your strength comes from inside and out. You train to build up your strength. Your family, coaches, and friends give you strength with their support.

    • We want to be part of that supportive community that celebrates and encourages you to grow stronger and stronger every day.

      Our girls' tank top has the word STRONG on the back to remind you how strong you truly are. Being an athlete means being mentally and physically strong — and we know how hard you work to be such a strong girl. Each day you fearlessly take steps to build up incredible strength.
    • This tank top for strong girls comes in three different color combinations for you to choose from: 

      You can pick the grey tank top with white lettering, black tank top with white lettering, or the white tank top with metallic silver lettering.

      These three classic color combos are great for mixing and matching with your other Bold&Grit gear. Try it out with our Energy Girl’s Silver leggings to stay comfy while you train for that next big competition. 

      The girls' tank top is perfect for showing off your strength. With its racerback style, this tank top allows for ease of movement. So you can use your full range of motion while you stretch, sprint, spring, and swirl. Its fabric is soft and easy to wash and comes with a dash of Spandex to make it stretchy enough to move freely while keeping its shape.

      The time has come to celebrate and uplift strong girls. You’ve got what it takes to make it. Tell the world how strong you really are. Say it with Bold&Grit.