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  • Illuminating Yellow Oasis Tie Dye Leotard- Crossover Back

    ★★★★★ (1)

    Get ready to feel free and happy like a ray of sunshine. The Illuminating Yellow Oasis leotard from Bold&Grit is all you need to have a perfect day on the mat.

    • Feel lucky, today is your day! This adorable, funky leotard is bursting with good vibes and will add an extra spark of joy to all of your routines.

      Imagine flowing through your gymnastics routine smoothly with the Illuminating Yellow Oasis leotard lighting up every move of your performance. This cute leotard was designed to be bright, fun, and, of course, super comfy. 

      The luminescent design is just part of what this wonderful leotard has to offer. With special features made to increase comfort and more, this leotard has everything you want in a leo. From cooling tech to bistretch fabric, this leo has all the best features for comfort and style.

      The 80's never went out of style

      Tie-dye is making a comeback in a major way! Join in on this fun trend. Illuminating Yellow Oasis leotard has a beautiful tie-dye style in yellow that covers the main part of the leotard. Meanwhile, thebottom part has an intense yellow color that complements and frames the tie-dye design. The tie-dye style brings a mesmerizing pattern to play with lovely shades of yellow, blue, and pink radiating from the center. (And with our sublimation per unit printing process, these awesome colors will stay bright even after washing.)

      The back features a unique cross design with an open back portion in the middle. Plus, on the lower back there’s an adorable bunny face that makes the back look like big ears. The playful bunny design adds a whimsical, fun energy to this funky leotard. This one-of-a-kind design is eyecatching and unique for the gymnast who wants a leotard that stands out from the crowd.

      What to look for in a Leotard

      When shopping for a gymnastics leotard, it’s important to look for a leotard that is flexible, soft, durable, breathable, comfortable. And if it’s cute, too — even better!

      At each step in our design process, we think about how to maximize comfort and style. Fabrics are carefully selected to be comfortable and supportive for the active life of a gymnast. Plus, our unique designs can’t be found anywhere else. 

      Discover leotards made for maximum performance with the Illuminating Tie-Dye leo from Bold&Grit. This elegant leotard will hold up even in the most intensive practices and performances. Your leotard should never hold you back. We choose fabrics and designs that give you all the flexibility, comfort, and more that you need on the mat.

      When it comes time to pick a leotard, take a look at the key performance features. Let’s take a look at how the Yellow Oasis Tie-Dye leotard holds up in terms of its key performance features:

      • Elasticity

      The Illuminating Yellow Oasis leotard was made with a tech that provides multidirectional elongation. In other words, this leotard has the perfect amount of stretch. It stretches both vertically and horizontally so you’ll have full range of movement in each moment of your performance. This level of flexibility gives you even more comfort and allows you to reach your full potential in every movement.

      This tie-dye leotard also includes the perfect amount of Spandex to provide even more elasticity with just enough compression. It’s important to have Spandex so that the leotard will stay in place and won’t move around during your routine. However, too much Spandex can end up feeling tight and can even be painful. We make sure that the amount of Spandex is just right. So you’ll feel supported — without feeling squished.

      • Drapability

      Drapability is the ability of a leotard to fit to your form and to adjust on its own while being worn. The Illuminating Yellow Oasis leotard is drapable and provides superior support. It moves with you. With a leotard that follows your every move, you’ll be sure to feel an extra boost of confidence. This leotard is designed to adjust to the shape of your body and stay securely in place.

      • Cooling effect

      At Bold&Grit, we know the importance of feeling fresh during a meet. Feeling fresh and staying dry can help you stay focused on your moves. That’s why we incorporate Sport Sec cooling technology and fabric cooling features. The built-in cooling tech in the Illuminating Yellow Oasis leotard will help transfer heat away from you and stay feeling cool to the touch (even in hot environments). Keeping cool makes a big difference when it comes to comfort. So pick a leotard that’s designed to help keep you from overheating during practice. Cooling technology is one of the best ways to help you stay feeling fresh as a highly active athlete.

      • Softness

      The coating surface of the Illuminating Yellow Oasis leotard is fine and soft, it feels very smooth to the touch and helps protect the skin. As the fabric is tightly knitted, the surface will make a protective coat from the wind. The fabric is smooth and gentle on sensitive skin.

      • Durability

      The high-quality fabrics used to make the Illuminating Yellow Oasis leotard help it to be long-lasting and durable. To increase your leotard’s lifespan, make sure to care for it properly. Avoid washing with hot water. If possible, use a gentle detergent. Avoid using bleach. Washing in a delicate cycle can help ensure that the microfibers stay in optimal condition. This helps preserve the wrinkle resistance and elasticity features. With proper care, this gorgeous leotard can stay in pristine condition.

      When the Illuminating Yellow Oasis becomes your go-to leotard, you’ll be able to wear it over and over. Thanks to the sublimation per unit printing process, the vibrant colors of the tie-dye pattern will stay bright and beautiful. 

      Show off your fun personality with a tie-dye, bunny leotard

      With both a funky, colorful tie-dye design on the front and a super-cute bunny design on the back, this leotard is adorable from any angle. If you’re looking for a fun leotard that stands out, the Illuminating Oasis Tie-Dye Leotard is perfect for you. Hurry to get yours while they last!