“You are the universe experiencing itself.” — Alan Watts

These Space Shorts for Girls are out of this world! Combining comfort, high-tech fabric, and an absolutely awesome design, these Space Girl’s Shorts are ideal for showcasing your style while you work out.

If you’re searching the universe for a unique and stunning pair of shorts, you’ll be glad to find the Space Girl’s Shorts from Bold&Grit. The design features an image of outer space with many beautiful details. The galaxy of a sun, stars, crescent moons, Saturn and a peek of the Earth are all displayed breathtakingly on an iridescent background of luminous shades of deep purple, royal blue, and majestic pink. This pattern is mirrored on the back of the shorts.

  • The dark navy waistband adds comfort and security, and frames the image of the glowing galaxy perfectly. These Space Girl’s Shorts are made of Polyamide and Spandex for the ideal amount of stretch that gives you the freedom to move around. From stretching to running to jumping to reaching for the stars — you’ll love how comfy and flexible these shorts keep you while you’re on the move.

    You’ll be over the moon to find out that they’re also made with Sec Sport technology! The material was designed to add a cool touch that keeps you feeling fresh throughout your activities. This detail takes comfort to a whole new level.

    Love this design to the moon and back? Then we have even more good news for you. Thanks to our sublimation per unit printing method, the brilliant colors of these space shorts will stay radiant after washing. So you can keep rocking these galaxy-inspired shorts for many moons to come. 

    At Bold&Grit we believe your success is written in the stars. With courage and perseverance, you can reach your goals.