“Do you want to build a snowman?”

Okay, so Bold&Grit can’t actually help you build a snowman, but we do have a snowman you can enjoy all day long!

Introducing our Snowman Racerback Leotard:

  • This snowman leotard has a beautiful blue background with a winter wonderland scene - complete with a jolly, happy snowman and a sweet, striped candy cane. 

    We can’t have this cute little snowman melting, now can we!? That’s why our fabric comes with built in Sec Sport for all day cooling and freshness. We’ll have you thumpety-thump-thumping down the tumble track without even breaking a sweat!

    You can heat things up all you want at practice. This little guy isn’t going anywhere. We made sure of that with a sublimation per unit printing process. This print is here to stay for all seasons!