January 04, 2021 2 min read

We have created a collection inspired by everything you inspire. We have combined the power of your favorite animals and what they represent: passion, bravery, delicacy and fun.

Our leotards are designed in polyamide as well as spandex, materials high in quality that will achieve a perfect fit on your body making you feel safe and comfortable. At the same time, Bi-Stretch technology has been integrated to allow horizontal and vertical elongation for greater mobility and elasticity in all your movements.

Additionally, we have the Sec Sport with cold touch, a process applied to the fabric that brings freshness. Our outfits are designed to accompany you in your long training while acting like a second skin. Since they have an extra soft mesh cover that protects you and at the same time blends with your body.

The best part of all is that our leotards are beautiful with a wide variety of colors. The prints are made with sublimation one by one, ensuring the perfection and quality of each.

You can choose between different designs that brings our new collection to be called ‘Inspirational Animals.’ For its design we take the characteristics of each animal and translate it into the strength and power each represents.  Discover which one goes best with your personality:

  • Dress yourself with the passion and bravery of the Powerful Pink Tiger, a playful leotard, full of color and energy for your training. Shine like no other and release the roar you carry inside.
  • Delicate and fun, one of our leotards ‘Friendly Dog.’ With a dynamic pattern combining figures and design, surely to become the best introduction.
  • We admire your dedication and all the effort you give to everything you do; balance your passion with school, your friends, your family and fun. That is why we created our leo Wise Owl, patient and disciplined.
  • We know that you never stop and that you have the energy of a small rocket. For you we created our ‘Cute Cat’, a leotard with the qualities of our favorite cats: intrepid and flexible.

We want that every time you wear our clothes you feel inspired and able to achieve all the goals that you set. We seek to discover the power you have in you to roar like no one, to surprise the world and to remain delicate, feminine and fun.

We hope you find in our new collection all the animal strength that you have inside, that you bring out your potential to shine, that you always feel safe and comfortable. Discover all our references on our website

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