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  • January 04, 2021 2 min read

    In the summer you become the center of all attention as you shine with your own light using our limited collection of the 4th of July.
    We are proud to carry on our skin the colors and symbols of our country.
    One of the most exciting months is arriving. Full of color, fireworks, parades, delicious food, concerts, movie premieres and meetings of family and friends.
    July 4th arrives as the celebration of our independence!


    242 years ago, the United States made its famous Declaration of Independence from Great Britain in the state of Pennsylvania, which at that time was the largest of the 13 founding colonies. Seeking that all the men and women of our country were free of the rules and impositions of Great Britain, making them decide for themselves.


    The United States and its founding fathers set a precedent declaring their independence and therefore their freedom, a principle that we have defended throughout our history.
    The values ​​that our ancestors inherited from those times remain unchanged in our hearts and in the symbols of our country. That's why we wanted to represent them in the colors of our collection:
    • The white symbolizes purity and innocence.
    • The red represents blood and courage.
    • The blue represents the sky, perseverance and justice.

    We wanted to bring all the meaning of our flag and make it stand out  in our designs. For this we also include the stars and stripes that symbolized the primordial states.

    We are proud of everything that makes us Americans: from our national parks, the Statue of Liberty or the Golden Gate. For the great discoveries of NASA, our baseball tournaments, Hollywood movies and of course, for our hamburgers. It fills us with pride knowing that we belong to a country full of wonders that travels from the ocean to the Grand Canyon.


    Our desires are that every time you use our leotards you feel inspired. That you demonstrate the valor and courage of red, the purity and innocence of white and shine with the perseverance and justice of blue. We want you to feel like your own hero, to remember all the admiration we have for your discipline and tenacity. We are with you in every moment of glory and struggle.

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