The Believe Racerback Sports Bra is made in a soft, black breathable fabric. It features a two inch jacquard elastic band - detailing the Bold&Grit logo - across the bottom to keep the bra securely in place throughout your workouts. 

The high-compression fabric of this black racerback sports bra is mixed with Polyamide Microfiber and high elastane content. That means it's flexible and breathable, but also extra supportive. Plus, the microfiber is not only soft, but also super absorbent to keep you dry and fresh. 

  • The Believe Racerback Sports Bra will keep you safe from all the elements. The fabric of this extra-comfortable sports bra contains built in moisture-wicking and UV protection so you can enjoy your favorite activities come rain or shine.

    So throw on the Bold&Grit Believe Racerback Sports Bra and workout without worries - we’ve got you covered.