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  • January 04, 2021 2 min read

    With the summers arrival, comes the best plans of the year: going for a swim, bike riding all day, going to the beach, playing in the park non-stop, playing basketball, hide and seek, doing walks outside of the city, horse riding or even going to a camp.


    But with these fun activities also comes the highest temperatures of the year that one should be extra cautious of, for your health and to keep enjoying to the max.


    These recommendations are important because when doing exercise, your body generates heat and the more intense the training is, the greater the effort for your body. These factors summed up with the heat of the environment can cause a collapse in your body. Although the human body has self-regulating temperature mechanisms, such as sweating and vasodilation of capillaries close to the skin, they are not always sufficient.


    The problem is given at the time when the internal temperature of your body, which on average is 37 degrees Celsius, is equal to that of the environment, because at this time these mechanisms of thermoregulation stops working and heat strokes can occur .


    That being said, we have some recommendations for you to enjoy the summer to the fullest and keep doing all the sports you love safely and confidently.


    1. Try to be in the shade between noon and 4:00 in the afternoon. This is the time where the heat is higher and your body spends the highest levels of energy.
    2. In temperatures exceeding 32 ° Celsius it is important to hydrate your body with isotonic drinks that give electrolytes to your body as well as water. Reason being that when your body begins to seat, you lose salts and minerals that water alone does not help you replenish.
    3. Sun block is your best friend every day. Protect your skin from burns and sunstroke applying at least twenty minutes before you leave to got to the outdoors and reapply according to the solar factor you use.
    4. Use sportswear attire that is comfortable and breathable. It is important that they are made of tissues that allow you to sweat your skin normally, that are not heavy fabrics and it is advisable that they are of light colors.
    5. Look for exercises that do not involve high performance or resistance. Explore sports and activities that you can do in the shade or not have a lot of time in direct sunshine. Try new activities like doing yoga, going to walls to climb or sign up for dance or swimming lessons.
    6. Eat light and include fruits rich in water and fructose in your diet such as pineapple, pear, watermelon, blueberries, strawberry, raspberry, mango, kiwi, mandarin, oranges and blackberries. They're delicious and they'll give you all the energy you need.


    If you have these recommendations you can enjoy an unforgettable summer taking care of your body and living all the adventures you want with your family and friends.

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