December 28, 2020 2 min read

This year is ending and I only have things to thank and unforgettable moments that are reproduced in my memory as one of the most special chapters of my life.

This year I have reached goals that I never imagined: I managed to jump so high and going from being scared to looking at fear under my feet, I did so many twirls that I understood what the magicians feel when they stop time and feel butterflies in their stomach, I turned with such grace that I was a grasshopper and dancer at the same time enjoying every moment in which I gained momentum, I ran with a smile on my face and landed with my heart in my hand full of emotion, I also met incredible people: those for whom you thank life every day and want to always be by your side. I give thanks for each of them; the shared smiles, lending me their shoulders to shed my tears as well as extending their hands to get me up and applaud me like no one when I managed to reach the goal.

 In the competitions, I ran faster than the previous one however, rather than learning to arrive in first place, I learned to do better pauses, to recover my breath and enjoy that sensation that burns in my chest and makes me appreciate every heartbeat that gives me life. This year I also fell, hurting myself more times than I can count, but I always had someone who took care of me, who encouraged me, who gave me the strength to keep going, not give up and keep trying to fulfill my dream: thanks dad, mom and especially my coach. Without you nothing would make sense. This year, in addition to learning to improve my lines and dominate the bar even more, I overcame my fears and always gave the best, I learned to enjoy participating, to see my companions shine and love this sport like nothing in life. I learned that being a gymnast means being many things at the same time: being brave and beautiful, being fierce and delicate, being hard and graceful ... and always giving the best of you. I also discovered that I love the days on which I step into the gym, practicing on each instrument and becoming friends with them. There are some with whom you get better with than others but each one helps you grow and further develop your skills.

I end this letter with many sighs yet more smiles. I believe that normally wishes are always desired upon for everyone but that does not stop us to continue giving  good wishes for the upcoming year. Thank you 2018 and welcome 2019! I hope you will be full of adventures, new friends, more stories to tell, more love to enjoy and many days of gymnastics and fun. Sincerely,

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