January 04, 2021 2 min read

Competitions are the most emotional and inspirational moments for an athlete. 

These are memorable days combined with decisive instances for those who have prepared several months or even years. In these moments of morning trainings, sacrifice, tears and dedication, is when results are seen. 

In this version of Pacific Rim is when athletes are reunited from ten to six countries with two different categories: seniors and juniors. This in particular is what makes these events special; both categories create a team for each country. It is a unique opportunity in which the younger athletes learn from the greater promises of their countries. 


Each athlete is confronted with the challenge of winning for their country, competing against their fears, to overcome the nerves and give their absolute best. In competitions that included artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, the United States ended up being the winners.

In addition, the participation of Colombia as a host country was also memorable. As they took several bronze and silver medals in the team and individual competitions, making us feel even more proud to be its sponsor for this event. 

The Pacific Rim is held every two years, but its impact can be latent. It is an opportunity in which we witness how sports unite nations creating bonds of friendship that break the oceans and strengthen the passion around them. 

Medellin shined off with its reception with a grand logistic deployment that besides enjoying competitions, the public may share with the athletes such as the meetings that were lived in our stand.

It was an event that we took in memory of splendid competitions, a warm and welcoming city, several new friends, as well as more passion to be with the athletes and to be the second skin that dresses their dreams.

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