January 04, 2021 2 min read

When speaking of sportswear, we are found with new ideas, processes, styles and technology that has redefined the way we dress when doing sports. For this reason, while creating each and every one of our garments, we take care of each detail, as well as updating each day to deliver our customers the best products with the best materials.

For example, did you know that our tull backs are designed to make you feel cooler because the neck, upper and middle back are one of the most important points of perspiration in the body?

Today, there is cooling technology for sports that are of high performance, burning calories where sweat becomes an uncomfortable factor for athletes.  For that, there is the "Climachill": the garments designed with this process contain small waits of aluminum that is embedded in specific sites of the fabric that seeks to manage the temperature.

Our shirts based on this idea, use Sec Sport, a fiber that helps you control the heat. Its goal is active thermoregulation, which helps you stay fresh in three ways:

* Evaporation: by absorbing and drying sweat at great velocity. 
* Convection: by maximizing the circulation of air to the skin. 
* Thermoregulation by conduction: refreshing the contact of he garment with the skin. 

We think about the activities you do and we do not want your clothes to be an impediment in order to accomplish a fantastic twist. That is why our leos are made with Bi-Stretch: one of the synthetic fabrics with the highest elasticity, thanks to high-tension elastane yarn .

We love this fiber due to its multiple colors and enables fabulous prints, as well as having excellent horizontal and vertical elongation that guarantees your comfort and mobility.

This fiber combined with the polyamide and continental Sec, create a combination of resistance that allows our leos to resist all the pirouettes and washes that you need without losing the colors, deforming the size or losing their great prints.

We not only work based on new technologies in sportswear, but we also want you to have a unique garment, for this reason we look for a unique fragrance, which is printed on each of our garments so that it is the best surprise when receiving them.




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