Blue Horse Reins - Montesimone Davos

Featuring a refreshing blue background with a unique rein design, the Blue Horse Reins Equestrian T-shirt is just what you’ve been waiting for. An equestrian t-shirt that brings together high-performance material and a one-of-a-kind design. Soak up the spotlight with this comfortable equestrian t-shirt made with the highest quality polyester fibers. Enjoy superior breathability, protection, and smoothness.

  • The soothing blue of the background of this equestrian t-shirt is covered with delicate rhombus figures to give it an extra element of intrigue and style. A sky-blue mock-neck collar provides an elegant contrast. It is complemented by the matching light blue stripes that frame the horse rein-themed design in the middle. Plus, a durable zipper that zips up to the base of the neck makes it easy to slip on and adds another stylish feature to this comfy equestrian training shirt.

    High-Performance Equestrian T-shirt for Training

    The Blue Horse Reins Equestrian t-shirt was tailored using sophisticated techniques to produce a comfortable, flat-knitted fabric. This equestrian t-shirt is made with 100% high-quality polyester. Polyester is one of the world’s most popular fabrics thanks to its smooth texture, reliable quality, and superior qualities for comfort and durability. 

    The Blue Horse Reins Equestrian t-shirt is sure to become a favorite staple of your equestrian training wardrobe, with fantastic features such as:

    • Wrinkle resistant
    • Abrasion resistant
    • Quick dry
    • Easy to wash
    • Long-lasting color protection
    • Light and breathable 
    • Antibacterial fabric properties
    • Highly adaptative fabric
    • Sof to the touch
    • Built-in sun protection

    Equestrian Design Features

    The exquisite design of the Blue Horse Reins Equestrian t-shirt is printed with color protection to ensure that the colors and prints stay vibrant, even after washing. The nuance of the rhombus figures and the artistic feel of the rein print make this t-shirt a truly unique piece of equestrian athletic clothing. You’re sure to shine and stand out in this gorgeous equestrian gear.

    The complementing shades of blue in this t-shirt design are mesmerizing and soothing. They give a peaceful vibe that’s perfect for the graceful sport of equestrianism. Plus, with a huge array of awesome features like color protection, sweat stain protection, antibacterial fabric, and built-in sun protection, this t-shirt has everything an equestrian like you needs.

    Available in a wide variety of Child, Youth, and Adult sizes — from a Child Small all the way to an Adult XXL — the Blue Horse Reins Equestrian t-shirt is perfect for equestrians of all sizes and ages.