White Equestrian show - Vertigo

Get ready to showcase your skills in style. In a stunning, brilliant shade of white, this equestrian competition t-shirt is here to take your performance to the next level. This completely white, long-sleeve equestrian t-shirt is simple and elegant for a timeless look. All eyes will stay on you as you ride thanks to the flattering shape and luxurious look of this performance t-shirt.

  • Made with a special Vertigo fabric for optimal comfort for equestrianism. The White Equestrian Show T-shirt has all the features you need to stay comfy throughout your entire performance. With all the best high-performance features like sweatproof fabric, antibacterial properties, built-in sun protection, and more — this equestrian shirt has it all! 

    The best fabric for equestrian performance gear

    Vertigo is a fantastic fabric that provides you with everything you need from an equestrian performance shirt. It’s created using a special blend of polyester and lycra. It has just the right amount of stretch to let you move freely during your performance. It’s figure flattering, comfortable, and soft.

    You’ll love the features of the fabric of the White Equestrian Show T-shirt, including: 

    1. Pilling resistant
    2. UV protection
    3. Excellent Coverage
    4. Extra comfort
    5. Stretch and flexibility
    6. Flattering fit
    7. Breathable material
    8. Smooth to the touch 
    9. Quick-drying fabric
    10. Easy to wash and care for

    Elegance Meets Comfort

    The clean, crisp white color will enhance the aesthetics of your performance by transmitting clarity and grace. Its uncomplicated design gives a feeling of serenity and will complement your performance — without distracting from it.

    This long sleeve White Equestrian show has a zipper on that starts at the collar, and was specially designed to avoid contact with the neck. So you won’t have to worry about any irritation or discomfort on the delicate, sensitive skin of the neck. 

    Special Features

    This equestrian performance tee has additional high-performance attributes, like the perfectly placed mesh on the interior arms and sides to give you even more comfort and freshness. At Bold&Grit, we strive to give you everything you need to feel confident and bold in the arena. Nail your next show with confidence and sophistication in the White Equestrian Show Vertigo long-sleeve t-shirt.