White Gold Horse - Davos

Stay comfy, protected, and stylish while you ride. Inspired by a love and passion for horseback riding, Bold&Grit equestrian apparel brings together the best of style and comfort. The White Gold Horse Equestrian T-shirt has a luxurious feel and an elegant look that equestrians will fall head-over-heels for.

  • This White Gold Horse short sleeve t-shirt has everything you could want in an equestrian t-shirt. The design features a magnificent brown horse nimbly leaping forward with power and grace. The top half of the shirt is covered with dainty silhouettes of leaping horses in a beautiful light shade of peachy pink. You’ll only find this dazzling design here on Bold&Grit.

    Comfortable, Zippered Equestrian Shirt

    Each detail of the White Gold Horse T-shirt was designed to give you the comfort you deserve. The stylish, short collar features a sturdy zipper with the perfect placement. The zipper comes up to the base of the neck, where its strategic placement prevents any irritation of the neck. This perfectly placed zipper adds a stylish element while still remaining incredibly comfortable. We believe athletic gear should support you, and never hold you back. That’s why we take your comfort so seriously. From the zipper to the qualities of the fabric, this equestrian t-shirt was made to become your favorite go-to shirt.

    Equestrian T-shirt for Training: Design Features

    The White Gold Horse Equestrian t-shirt is a wonderful addition to any equestrian’s wardrobe.

    It’s beautiful and comfortable, all at once. The silky smooth fabric doesn’t itch or irritate — so you can focus on training and riding.

    • Our White Gold Horse T-shirt has a zipper on the top part, starting at the elegant collar along the neckline and ending at the chest, perfectly placed to avoid irritating the sensitive skin of the neck.
    • It was designed to be functional as activewear with breathable fabric and sun protection. 
    • The top part including the sleeves has detailed mini horse and horseshoe shapes printed in a soft pastel shade of pink against a beautifully bright white background
    • The bottom part is decorated with astonishing horse artwork, with a detailed drawing of a brown and white horse to inspire equestrians and horse-lovers

    Fabric Features

    Polyester is the favorite fabric of many equestrians thanks to its high performance as activewear and its pleasant texture. Our white gold horse t-shirt was crafted with superior polyester fibers, providing high-performance features like breathability, lightness, and smoothness. Plus, this t-shirt is:

    • Wrinkle and Abrasion resistant
    • Made with Flash Dry Tech
    • Easy to wash
    • Durable 
    • Soft to the touch

    Don't wait any longer to get your Equestrian White Gold Horse T-shirt for Training. Available in sizes from a Child Small all the way up to an Adult XXL.