Ready to run circles around everyone else? With the Energy Silver Leggings from Bold&Grit, it will be a piece of cake! These bold metallic leggings will do more than just show off your stunning personality - they make exercise a breeze.

 These girls' silver leggings are extra absorbent and super fast to dry, so they will keep you feeling fresh and comfortable during your activities. The fabric of these leggings is even UV resistant, so they will provide you with protection while you run in the sun.



  • Your safety is important to us, so we’ve provided just enough compression to keep your muscles secure without impeding your movement in any way. In fact, the fabric is super soft and stretchy, thanks to our comfy blend of microfiber and elastane.

     Almost a third of the fabric is made from recycled materials, so you can feel great inside and out when you wear this garment. You’re doing something to help yourself - and the environment! Now that’s something to celebrate.