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    “Stars will blossom in the darkness, violets bloom beneath the snow.” - Julia C.R. Dorr

    Violets are stunningly resilient, just like you. And you can show off that perseverance for the sport you love with the Violet Flowers One Piece Swimsuit from Bold&Grit. Or you can simply use your suit to show your love of flowers or the color purple - that’s totally up to you. 

    The Violet Flowers One Piece Swimsuit has a strikingly bright purple front with the Bold&Grit logo emblazoned upon it. The back features a beautiful blue and violet floral print. Plus, these prints will stay as bold as the day you buy your swimsuit thanks to our sublimation per unit printer. 

    • You’ll feel fresh as a spring day all through swim practice - because this little suit comes with cooling technology. It will keep you comfortable too, with extra soft inner lining and flexible fabric to support your every stroke.