"Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often an illusion." - Michael Jordan 

A gymnast with poise and grace like you deserves a leotard to match. The Bold&Grit Fluidity Tank Mesh Leotard is just such a garment. 

  • Featuring mesmerising lines in every color of the rainbow, and a pretty pink mesh back, the Fluidity Tank Mesh Leotard will turn you into a vision as you twist and twirl through the skills you know best.

    he bi-stretch fabric of this multi-colored line tank will keep your leotard as fluid as you while you gracefully arch through your movements. Thanks to Sec Sport cooling tech, you can keep your cool and go with the flow - even in the most intense moments. 

    You were born to be a gymnast, and we love your creative confidence. When you don’t set boundaries for yourself, your options are limitless.