Brown Camouflage Military USA Flag Leotard

Versatility and comfort, everything you've been looking for is in the Military USA gymnastics leotard, which features brown and black as its main colors to bring character to routines on the bars or the mat.


    Nothing escapes us. We have technological advancements for every need. Few leotards will make your daughter feel safer than this one because it covers all the points that concern a gymnast:

    It is made with Sec-Sport technology, which makes sweat evaporate, leaving moisture in the past.

    The fabric is composed of flexible materials that stretch vertically and horizontally, allowing for complete freedom in turns and jumps.
    It has secure neck and arm fastenings for greater comfort in every movement.

    It is durable and soft to the touch, allowing it to be worn for hours on end during training.

    It keeps everything in place, protecting intimate areas and offering compression where a little more control is needed.

    It does not fade, detach, or lose its shine. With our innovative printer, sublimation is carried out on a unit-by-unit basis, ensuring that the leotard looks as vibrant and high-quality as the first time it was worn.

    No matter how many times it needs to be washed after each training session, this leotard is so resilient that it will last for more years than you think.

    It has UV protection to shield against the sun during outdoor training or competitions.

    A design with audacity and patriotism

    Feeling pride in something is a source of inspiration. The Military gymnastics leotard is inspired by the military forces of the United States, individuals known for their dedication, discipline, and commitment. These qualities serve as a reference for any athlete.

    Brown and black are the predominant colors in this garment, which features the United States flag on the front, blending with a camouflage pattern that wraps around the entire leotard to the back.

    This leotard is perfect for gymnasts of any age who want to proudly and admirably display the United States flag in each of their movements. It is a bold and confident leotard that exudes a strong sense of security.

    It has a traditional design that offers full coverage at the back, with a round neckline and special shoulder fit for greater freedom of movement in the arms. Your daughter will feel more than ready to overcome any obstacle in her routine.

    If you're looking for a sports garment that will be the perfect ally for your daughter, the Brown Camouflage Military USA gymnastics leotard will complete her training and competition outfits. With this all-in-one garment made with the best materials on the market, she will feel confident, comfortable, and secure.

    Say yes to quality and innovation, believe in Bold&Grit as much as you believe in your daughter's talent.