Best friends leotard RIGHT half

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This year, show the world how much your bestie means to you with matching gymnastics Best Friend leotards. This single leotard features the right half of a heart with the word Friend.

  • “To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.” — Dr. Seuss

    When you and bestie stand next to each other on the mat, you’ll complete the Best Friends heart!

    Even better, you’ll both be able to jump, tumble, and showcase all your best moves – thanks to bi-stretch fabric that gives you a full range of mobility and maximum comfort.

    At Bold&Grit, we believe that everything is better when we share it with someone we love! Take joy in the love of friendship with the Best Friends Leotards. Share wonderful moments on the mat with your best gymnastics buddy. Get a comfortable, stylish leotard that will help boost you and your bestie’s performances.

    Both leotards in the matching Best Friends set are made with high-quality, comfortable materials that you and your BFF are sure to love.

    Choose a leotard that features the best textile experience in gymnastics wear.

    We take your comfort as a gymnast seriously. That’s why we carefully consider each element of our leotards, including the exact type of textiles and how they can be optimized for athletes. Enjoy the carefully selected fabric blend of the Right Half Best Friends Leotard.

    The Best Friends Leotard set is sure to be a favorite for both you and your best friend. This leotard is so comfy and cute, you’ll both be eager to wear it over and over again.

    Thoughtfully designed for your comfort.

    During the design process, we look at what the pain points are for gymnasts and how we can address them with our leotards. Flexibility is crucial for gymnasts, as well as freedom of movement. So, we pick fabrics that give you maximum flexibility and range of motion.

    Thanks to the multistretch fabric of the Best Friends Leotard, the leotard will move with you. Having a leotard that feels like a second skin will give you and your BFF maximum confidence in your moves. Move freely in a leotard you can trust to follow your movements.

    With multistretch fabric that has the ideal amount of Spandex, you can reach greater mobility and conquer even the hard moves. The Best Friends Right Half leotard provides support in each stretch, spin, and tumble.

    Best friends leotard right half will gracefully expand and adapt to the contour of the body. That is thanks to its main fabric components — an optimized combination of Spandex and Polyester. When those fabrics are mixed in the right proportions the result is a good textile that is flexible, comfortable, drapable, wrinkle resistant, durable, etc. This blend is perfect for a high-performance gymnastics leotard.

    Always be ready for your next performance

    The Best Friends leotards will always be ready for you and your best gal pal’s next practice or performance. Quick-dry material helps this leotard to dry fast and be ready to wear again. Plus, the fabric is wrinkle-resistant, so no need to fuss with an iron.

    Get ready to feel cozy. The soft finishing on this leotard provides a delightfully smooth texture that won’t feel itchy or irritating. Your delicate skin will be protected in this silky soft leotard. Plus, the lightweight material is easy to fold, store, and carry around. And not to mention, the materials are durable. So you and your best friend can wear your matching leotards again and again.

    Stay fresh all day long.

    Training can be intensive. While you’re working up a sweat on the mat, you’ll want a leotard that helps you to stay fresh. Choose a leotard with high-end built-in cooling technology. This Bold&Grit leotard has Sport Sec cooling technology to help you stay fresh during long days of training. Excess heat gets transferred away from the surface of the fabric, so you can stay cooler.

    A leotard with cooling technology is perfect for warm days of tireless practice. Make sure that you can give your all - by choosing a leotard that gives you comfort and coolness. 

    Share your BFF Vibes with the world

    This adorable BFF design is full of fun elements that create a wholly unique design for you and your bestie to wear. The Right Half Best Friends leotard’s design includes:

    • The half heart-shape: On the main section there’s a well-defined half-heart shape in dark pink and the word BEST clearly featured.
    • The astonishing colors: You and your best friend will shine together with the dazzling pink colors and mesmerizing effects.
    • The harmony of the color scheme: On the main part it has a well-balanced light pink contrasting with the bottom part showcasing a splash of colors.
    • The display of the design: The neck and the edge of the armhole sleeves have sparkling colors that complement the bottom part of the leotard’s design.
    • Forever pinky promise: Best friend leotards both Left and Right have a beautiful design of a pinky promise in white lines made with a sublimation per unit process which makes sure the color will last and last.
    • The unique, artistic style: The blend of gorgeous shades of pink, purple, and blue have an astonishing effect with captivating visuals that mimic a galaxy.

    Stretch with ease

    One of the main features you must want to find in a good gymnastics leotard is elasticity. Fortunately, this leotard’s combination of polyester and spandex makes a great duet when it comes to providing stretch. The Best friend's leotard's right half has a 4-stretch level (it can be stretched both horizontally and vertically), also known as bistretch technology. This level of flexibility makes it very comfortable and ensures remarkable mobility. Enjoy maximum flexibility even in your most extreme movements.

    Hurry to get the Best Friends Matching Leotards while they last!

    The Best Friends leotards are a win-win when it comes to comfort and style. The Right Half of this Besties leotard set is a warm way to express love and friendship with charming details that are going to inspire all the friends around you. Plus, with the ultra-comfortable materials, you and your bestie will be jumping for joy in your matching leos.

    Available in a variety of sizes. The Right Half Leotard and Left Half Leotard are purchased separately. 

    Don't wait anymore to get a set of Best friends leotard right and left half for you and your best friend. It’s time to share your wonderful friendship on the mat. Remember there’s free shipping on all orders over $60!