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    Bring the celebration everywhere you go with the Confetti Drawstring Backpack from Bold&Grit. This backpack is perfect for practice, school, a trip to the mall, or any social outing. It’s made from high quality materials that are built to last - so you can keep the party going!

    You’ll be the center of attention with your confetti drawstring backpack. This beautiful backpack is chalk full of color and character, with a red, gold, and green background, bold green straps, and multi-colored confetti layered on top.

    • The Confetti Drawstring Backpack is durable and ready to hold all your daily needs. From swimsuits to sunglasses to towels and water bottles, your ultra cute accessory can handle it all. 

      Love the print? Then you’re in luck! We use a sublimation per unit printer, which means the design is printed straight into the fabric and won’t fade over time. Plus, we’ve got a super cute confetti leotard, some sassy confetti leggings, and even some confetti tennis shorts - so you can keep on adding to your confetti collection.