Whether you’re a tennis player, a dancer, or just a straight-up darling, the Dream - Girls’ Fuchsia Mesh Skort from Bold&Grit is perfect for your every activity. This elegant skort actually comes in two beautiful colors, a girls’ fuchsia mesh skort, and a purple mesh skort! 

Both the gorgeous girls’ fuchsia mesh skort and purple mesh skort come with a comfortable, stretchy, and moisture-wicking short layer underneath, and a wispy, flouncy, mesh skirt upper layer. The ending result is a whimsical skort that evokes images of ballerinas - in materials that can handle the hard-hitting sports too.

  • The Dream - Girls’ Fuchsia Mesh Skort is made with Sec Sport cooling technology to keep you feeling fresh while you strut your stuff across the court or dance floor. You won’t have to worry about a thing - except your athletic goals.