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    “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” — Coco Chanel 

    • You know what makes you special and sets you apart. Your fun vibrant personality and playful sense of style will shine through the Splash Paint Tennis Mesh Skort. Add a splash of color to your next game.

      This paint splash skort features a super unique design and explosive colors. The all-over array of splashes include colors such as lemon yellow, neon orange, light purple, blue-green and more, all over a dark blue background. This offbeat pattern is notable for its fun and creative energy.

      You can keep your world vibrant and colorful without worrying about these dazzling colors fading away. Our Splash Paint Skort was made with sublimation per unit, so these brilliant arrays of colors will stay bright and radiant. 

      While onlookers admire your serve, they’ll also be inspired by your one-of-a-kind style with your vibrant, splashy skort. This funky design is positively bursting with cuteness and color.

      You won’t be scoring love on the court, but you will be shouting “Love!” when you find out that this skort is made with Sec Sport technology to add a touch of cold and keep you feeling refreshingly cool throughout your next match.

      This funky fabric is also designed to be functional. The Splash Paint Tennis Mesh Skort was made with bi-stretch fabric that elongates horizontally and vertically for maximum comfort. The stretchy, flexible fabric gives you a full range of motion. Plus, the skirt was made with an extra soft mesh to keep you completely comfy so you can focus on your game. You work hard, your clothes should work for you!

      Highlight your bubbly nature with the upbeat, whimsical design of our Splash Paint Tennis Mesh Skort. You weren’t made to blend into the background. Celebrate what makes you unique!