You’re an active girl full of endless energy! Every day you’re working hard pouring energy into achieving your dreams. Your bouncy, happy energy keeps you going day after day during all of your activities.

  • You burn energy giving your all at practice. You share your kindness and good-vibes-only energy with your friends and family. Here at Bold&Grit, we absolutely love your amazing energy and all that you do with it.

    The lightweight long sleeve Energy Silver Hoodie was made to keep you fresh while you’re running around spreading good vibes and being your best self.

  • This stylish cropped hoodie was made with mesh fabric that will keep you feeling refreshingly cool all day you just focus on channelling all of your energy into things you care about.

    Your clothes shouldn’t ever hold you back — they should be made to move like you do. That’s why the Energy Silver Hoodie was made to be extra flexible and comfy with just a touch of spandex so that you can dance, jump, run, stretch, and tumble with ease.

    The translucent fabric is perfect for layering — pair it with our Believe Racerback Sports Bra with the two-inch Jacquard elastic band featuring the Bold&Grit logo. Add your favorite pair of leggings — like our bold metallic Energy Girl’s Silver Leggings — to complete the look.  

    The Energy Silver Hoodie comes in one size designed to fit girls between the ages of 10 and 14. You can wear this hoodie loose around the middle or you can cinch it around your waist with the stylish built-in drawstring. This hoodie will keep you comfy and cool while you use your energy in inspiring ways.

    Keep putting your energy into what you love to do. With your passion and hard work, you’ll achieve your wildest dreams!