Love leotard

Amor. Liebe. Love. Showcase your love for gymnastics on the mat this Valentine’s Day with the Love Leotard from Bold&Grit. This bright red leotard is bursting with personality and style.

The front features a sweet, simple heart outline. While the back adds intrigue with a unique triangle cut-out and the word Love in many languages. This fun, international Valentine’s Day leo was made with sublimation per unit printing – to make sure that the red color stays bright!

  • Love is what makes the world go round. At Bold&Grit, we’re all about supporting your love for gymnastics. Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to celebrate your love for your sport, your teammates, your friendships, your family, and more!

    The Love Leotard is part of our special Valentine’s Day collection of gymnastics leotards. This super-cute leotard features a white paintbrush outline of a heart on a dazzling red background. The back has a very unique cut-out in the form of a triangle, along with the word Love written in a variety of languages.

    This Valentine’s Day leotard’s special design and brilliant red color will last and last – thanks to our sublimation per unit printing process. We choose high-quality materials that ensure comfort and durability. This leotard is made of bi-stretch fabric that gives you a full range of motion. Even better, the built-in sec sport cooling technology keeps you fresh while you work out.

    Spread love and friendship this Valentine’s Day with the Love Leotard from Bold&Grit.