Majestic Competition Leotard

★★★★★ (1)

The perfect combination of elegance and sparkle does exist!

This competition gymnastics leotard will make your daughter's routine look like that of a professional, ready to show the world all the talent and passion she has for this sport.

  • Glamor and Movement

  • With this competition leotard, the audience and the judges will be captivated!
    The black and burgundy are two colors that complement each other in this design, which also includes gems on the chest and back that give it a sparkle that will be sensational on the mat or on the bar.

    The black sleeves come with a transparency that also complements the gems, adding elegance to this garment that accentuates the movements of her entire body. Your daughter will shine not only because of the beautiful outfit she is wearing but also because of her skill.

  • Confidence in a competition leotard for a standout look

  • With this leotard, it is impossible to feel insecure, because its design will fill her with self-confidence so that everyone can see the results of so many months of training, effort, and discipline.

    Thanks to the super-resistant materials with which it is made, this competition gymnastics leotard is designed to make her feel comfortable and protected so that she gets the best score with her routine.