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    ★★★★★ (3)

    e is nothing better to show off your chic and dignified personality - or your love of tasty baked goods! Whether you are looking to Frenchify your closet, or simply embrace your adoration of the color turquoise, the Paris Themed Turquoise Tank Leotard is just the ticket.  

    • With this gorgeous Parisian leotard, you will have the crowd exclaiming “Oh là là!”

      Show the world that you’re just as iconic as the Arch de Triumph! For there is nothing better than to show off your supremely enviable gear, which accentuates your chic and dignified personality. 

      You may start your journey a bit shy, but you will emerge victorious, when you put on the Paris Tank girl’s Tank Leotard.

      Oui, oui! 

      Thanks to our specialty printing process, the Paris Leotard will retain its bold colors and whimsical graphics, all the way to Europe! And, if you’re a jet-setter-in-the-making, check out the rest of our Around the World Collection.