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  • Pastel Bunny Leotard- Crossover Back

    ★★★★★ (1)

    Find the hidden bunny in this gymnastics leotard!

    This playful and sweet design is perfect for lovers of pastel colors, animals, and gymnastics.

    • Where is the bunny? Our design team let their imagination run wild and surprised us with a leotard that appears simple in the front but holds a beautiful surprise in the back.

      In the Pastel Bunny gymnastics leotard, the pastel colors look so good together that it feels like being in a fairy tale. A tale that continues when a bunny appears on the back, complete with whiskers! The bow that forms in the middle of the back is accompanied by the ears of this little animal, creating a unique optical effect of how a bunny looks on a leotard.

      Who wouldn't want a unique gymnastics leotard?

      You've certainly never seen a sports garment that conveys as much cuteness as this one. That's why it's perfect for those little ones who are just starting to get into gymnastics or for older ones who have been practicing for years. Everyone will want to have a unique and fun design like this!

      This bunny is not going anywhere because thanks to our state-of-the-art printer that performs unit-by-unit sublimation, neither its ears nor its mouth will detach, fade, or peel off the fabric. The bunny will stay accompanying every roll! The same goes for the colors—they will remain vibrant and won't lose their shine, no matter how many times you have to wash the leotard.

      At Bold&Grit, we are original not only in our designs but also in the materials we use to make our sports garments. In the case of gymnastics leotards, we put all our ingenuity and innovation into materials that adapt to each body so that gymnasts of any age can feel comfortable, secure, and protected in every movement.

      With fabric that stretches in 4 directions, flexibility and freedom will be the protagonists of the training sessions. This leotard is designed to make everything easier because, in addition to providing protection in the areas that need to be covered, it has the appropriate levels of compression to keep everything in place without causing discomfort.
      Resistance doesn't mean sacrificing softness.

      Although this garment is made to last a long time, your skin won't suffer from friction with the fabric of this leotard, and sweat won't be a concern because with Sport-Sec technology, those uncomfortable droplets of water that cause moisture stains will disappear in the blink of an eye.

      A bunny that does gymnastics

      If you want your daughter to feel inspired, comfortable, and connected, the Pastel Bunny gymnastics leotard is the best gift you can give her. It combines the sweetness and innocence of childhood with the discipline and rigor required by a sport like gymnastics.

      Give her the opportunity to tell her own story and feel accompanied by a bunny that, although difficult to spot, won't go anywhere.