Protect yourself and look good while you do it. Turn protective gear into a statement of style with the Protective Black Hoodie from Bold&Grit. This multi-function piece is incredibly versatile. You can wear it as a hoodie, scarf, and/or face mask. It’s great for staying safe while you’re out in the world.

This cool black hoodie comes with an adjustable elastic drawstring so that you can adapt it to fit you comfortably. It’s made with an antibacterial fabric that also includes sun protection. Save the environment while staying safe by choosing a mask that can be worn again and again. The black hoodie is washable so you can have a clean mask quickly ready to reuse.

This multi-purpose hoodie comes in solid black and features the Bold&Grit logo at the bottom to highlight your bold fashion. Its classic black color can easily be worn with any outfit. 

  • When you are on the go and want to have a convenient layer of protection that’s ready to use, this black hoodie with its built-in face mask is for you. We chose a fluid resistant exterior that protects you from droplets or spills. Plus, it has an antibacterial interior that serves as a layer for filtration.This double-layered face mask is designed to be breathable while still providing a layer of protection.

    The protective black hoodie is extremely comfortable and serves many functions. Wearing it as a face mask will keep you safe from particles in the air from pollution or droplets that could contain viruses or bacteria. You can also choose to wear it as a hoodie to keep you warm and dry. Or wear it as a scarf that’s ready to transform when you need it to.

    Stay safe with the Protective Black Hoodie from Bold&Grit.

    Note: This face covering is not specialized medical protection and is not FDA approved.