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    Tokyo Themed Tank Leotards

    Say konnichiwa to the stunning Tokyo Themed Tank Leotard from Bold&Grit. This red and white ombre leotard beautifully symbolizes the Land of the Rising Sun - adorned with cherry blossoms, a Japanese temple, an alluring geisha, and Maneki-Neko, the good luck cat. 

    Tokyo is a city like no other, and you can feel its spirit in its people. The hurried bustle, the absolute grace, the never-ending drive to perfect, enhance and succeed - you embody all these things and more as the incredible athlete you are.

    • The words Tokyo 2020 remind us of the trails we’ve braved together, and of dreams that burn on and will never fade. With bi-stretch fabric for added comfort, and Sec Sport tech for all day freshness, let the Tokyo Themed Tank Leotard help you achieve every one of those dreams.