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    Don’t let the weather stop you from putting in a good workout. Bold&Grit has you covered with the Believe Hoodie Sports Bra. This unique and stylish sports bra features a mesh hood to protect you from all the elements.

    • The protection doesn’t stop there. The fabric of this sleeveless sports hoodie dries extremely quickly and offers both moisture-wicking and UV protective qualities. You can stay fresh and dry no matter the sport or season.
    • All our women’s sports bras are made with a comfortable high-compression fabric to keep you safe and supported during your workout. They are strong enough to keep you secure and flexible enough to allow for easy movement and breathing. 

      We want to make your workouts as convenient as possible. The Believe Hoodie Sports Bra even features a practical pocket on the back for keeping your valuables safe while you work up a sweat.